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Saturday, 30 December 2006

More comments on this consumer society

Is it possible to do without the luxuries in life and not feel resentful? Were credit cards the worst things that were ever invented? Whatever happened to living within your means? Did the shampoo adverts which ended with the sentence - because I'm worth it - wreak havoc with our collective bank balances?

I don't blame commercial organisations as they're in it to make money so they have to push their products as much as possible or they go under. But are these products really necessary? How many brands of shampoo are there out there? Don't they all contain the same ingredients? Why are some shampoos marketed for men and others for women, and yet hotels always manage to produce unisex varieties in their freebies? Do the cheapest produce the same results as the most expensive? If they do then we're just paying for the name.

If an ordinary family saloon - cost say £12K - will get you from A to B comfortably and safely why do you need to spend £20k or even more on something which will do the same job? Why do people spend money on VWs when Skodas are built in the same factory to the same design but have different badges put on them at the end? If you're worried about the badge then you're in it for the status that you think purchase confers on you, rather than just buying something that you need.

I shall be watching out for examples of conspicuous consumption over the next few weeks and reporting on them here.

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