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Monday, 9 April 2007


I finished reading 'Ghostwalk' by Rebecca Stott in less than 24 hours. I found it gripping reading. Lydia returns to Cambridge at the request of a former lover to complete his mother's magnum opus about Sir Isaac Newton. Naturally enough her relationship with the married Cameron takes on a new lease of life. Unfinished business from the past becomes mixed up with dangerous goings on in the present. Neither the reader nor Lydia is sure who they can trust completely. Is Will (short for Willow) really all she seems? What is Dilys Kite - a clairvoyant - really up to? Above all who is the spectral presence with white hair and a red gown and what does he want with Lydia? I was left with the feeling that even the narrator wasn't wholly to be trusted. The book has stayed in my mind for several days now and I'm still wondering whether the real murderer was put on trial.
It's a combination of murder mystery and ghost story set in a background of Cambridge academia, and very well written. The cover is a work of art with a shimmering quality to it which really sums up the book quite well.

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