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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Totally fed up

We are currently having our central heating boiler replaced and it's a nightmare from start to finish - except that it isn't finished yet. It was supposed to have been done last November but the weather intervened. It was supposed to start on Monday 24 January and be finished by Thursday. We have our new oil tank -with oil from the old one in it - but no connection to the new boiler which is partly installed.

Unfortunately - I am using very temperate language here - draining the system and refilling has affected our backup electric heating system which now doesn't work. We had expected to be able to use it over the weekend as the new boiler will not be commissioned until Monday when the electrician turns up to do the wiring.

This is not our usual man doing the work for longwinded reasons which I won't bore you with except to say it's being done under a government energy saving scheme and we're not paying for it. That's an advantage but it reduces our level of influence on the work . So we have a fan heater and the offer of loans of other fan heaters to keep us warm and no hot water except a kettle. I am not a happy bunny and I wish we'd never decided to go ahead with it. Sometimes free is not the best option.


NAM said...

Oh dear - huge sympathies over this. We thought it was bad enough during the coldest weather that the next house in our terrace was being rebuilt on the ground floor, and left open to the elements for weeks on end, which made our house much colder as well - but that's nothing in comparison to what you're putting up with. Warm hugs, and lots of mugs of coffee with coffee swiss roll!

Anne Brooke said...

So sorry to hear this, Jilly - what a nightmare ... hoping things get sorted soon ... Anne xxxxx

Jilly said...

Two workmen here today but not much progress to report - still no heating. We've organised someone to come and see what's wrong with our backup system on Wednesday but heaven alone knows what he's going to say!

Thank you both for the good wishes though and yes we're having lots of hot drinks etc.