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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cookery books and others

I was fortunate enough to receive a modern reprint of Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery for Private Families. It is an absolute gem and a marvellous book to dip into even if you don't want to try any of the recipes. Some of the author's comments are surprisingly modern as well. She says she thinks there is a shocking waste of perfectly good wholesome food in many households. She also says that many illnesses are caused by habitual indulgence in cakes!

I'm still trying to make up my mind about Carola Dunn's Daisy Dalrymple crime series. I've read two of them so far -the most recent being The Case of the Murdered Muckraker. I did enjoy it but . . . . Possibly their best read in order and I've been getting them whenever one has been offered at a bargain price. Maybe I'll try another one and see if I can finally make up my mind.

Books to be read

Dead End by Leigh Russell - third in the DI Geraldine Steel crime series. I seem to have overlooked this in my to be read list so I have moved it to my reading folder on my Kindle and will be reading it in the next week or so.

Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey - an unknown quantity as the only book by Josephine Tey I've read so far has been The Daughter of Time.

Gently in the Sun by Alan Hunter - number six in the Gently series.

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