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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hated expressions and abbreviations

I really detest the following abbreviations/expressions which seem to be in common use:

'My bad' when people mean 'I was wrong'

'Addy' when people mean 'address'

'Baggy' when people mean 'bag'

Those three expressions are like chalk squeaking on a blackboard to me!


kcm said...

Yes, I agree. Fortunately none are in common usage anywhere near me.

NAM said...

Interesting - and yes, very irritating - I hadn't heard those before. I hate 'Can I get a *****?' (sandwich or whatever) in takeaway food establishments and 'one pence' (Pedants'R'Us!)...

Jilly said...

NAM - yes - I'd forgotten that having not heard it for a while.