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Saturday, 20 January 2007

Cosmic Ordering and storms

I have a copy of what I think is the original book about Cosmic Ordering by Barbel Mohr - translated into English from German. I found it interesting and yes it does seem to work. I wasn't at all sure about it at first especially with celebrities such as Noel Edmonds jumping on the band wagon.

I haven't tried it with anything major but I can confirm that it does seem to work on small things at least. It seems very like the idea that you create your own world and that whatever you think will happen probably will. Another version of positive thinking really.

I can remember trying something like it 7 years ago when I went for a job interview for a job that I desperately wanted. On the train I decided I would just imagine I was going to a meeting at which I was going to describe how I'd actually got the job and why I knew I could make a success of it. This slight shift of perception calmed my nerves, and I performed well at the interview, getting the job. The feedback I had from the interview was I seemed very calm and confident and even dropping my papers all over the floor when I walked into the interview room didn't seem to phase me. I've always been a believer in positive thinking so I suppose Cosmic Ordering was always likely to interest me.

On another subject - how did all the UK bloggers fare in the truly dreadful storms we've had this week? Where I live is quite sheltered by the house next to me which is slightly taller than mine - or at least when the wind is westerly it is. I got off lightly with just one fence panel blown down. I was at work during most of the worst of the winds, but driving home was really scary. The car - a substantial 4wd - felt none too safe. (no I don't live in London so it's not a Chelsea Tractor - I live in a very rural county). A lorry 'fell over' on the other side of the road just before I drove past the spot which was definitely off putting. It shows how vulnerable we all are to the forces of nature.

Windy weather is something I find very difficult to cope with. Most other types of weather I'm pretty neutral over, but I really do find strong winds frightening. The cat was equally unsettled by it - even though she's an indoor cat - and at one point she was velcroed to my jumper as if she thought I could protect her!

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