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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A new book to watch for

I am surrounded by authors!
Noreen over at Norn's Notebook (link at the top of the page) is the author of this book which will be published by the Victoria & Albert Museum in early October.
Amazon says:
'Over the last 300 years, children's clothing has witnessed a gradual shift from dressing children to adult requirements, in multiple layers and formal styles, to the booming designer childrenswear market of today. This accessible and well-illustrated dictionary features over 300 garments, from air-raid suits to zouave jackets, with specially commissioned photographs from the world's largest and most diverse collection at the V&A Museum of Childhood. A fully illustrated timeline and introduction offers an at-a-glance understanding of the changes in children's fashions and a rich selection of line drawings and illustrations from sewing and knitting patterns, to catalogues, dolls, fashion plates, photographs, paintings and children's fiction puts the garments in context.'
Knowing someone who has had books published is almost as good as having one published oneself!


NAM said...

Thank you very much indeed for that, Jilly -you are of course mentioned in the acknowledgements. And let's not be confusing this with really getting a book published, by the way, as I work for an organisation with a publishing arm, and which has, moreover, paid me to write it as part of my work.

I keep looking at it and thinking it must be by some other Noreen Marshall!

Jilly said...

It's still a book published though! Must be nice to write a book as part of your job. I've written training material but that's not quite the same as it's out of date almost as soon as it's written.
I felt it must be someone else with the same name when I had a short story published so I know that feeling!