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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Nearly another week gone . . .

I think time goes quicker in winter - or is that just my perception of it?

I don't seem to have done anything useful this week though I did have some good news earlier - the mammogram I had just before I went back to work was clear. Though having read through all the spiel in the letter about not all cancers are detected by mammograms and the person reading years may make a mistake . . . . I started to wonder whether it was good news after all. I know they have to put all that in because you might have it and they didn't find it but a simple yes or know would be sufficient for me and I'd take all the blah as read. Still, we're all different.

I've just finished reading A A Milne's The Red House Mystery originally published in 1922 and recently re-issued. It stands the test of time well and has all the ingredients for a good country house mystery including a restricted number of suspects as most of the guests were playing golf. I can't really say much about the plot without giving most of it away but it's well worth reading if you like crime. This is one of the classics of its genre.


Anne Brooke said...

Congratulations on the all-clear - and yes it is good news!!



Jilly said...

Thanks Anne - I was relieved even though I had almost forgotten about it.

Martin Edwards said...

Glad to hear your good news. And that you enjoyed the Milne book, which I've started re-reading.

Jilly said...

Thanks Martin.