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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Otto the octopus

I've just read this:
An octopus in a German aquarium didn't like the spotlight shining on his tank so he found a way of squirting water at it to short circuit it. Trouble was this put the rest of the creatures in the aquarium at risk because the electricity went off. He seems to love tourists and is bored now the place is closed for the winter. Amongst other things he has been seen juggling with the hermit crabs, throwing rocks at the glass and rearranging the lay-out of the tank to suit himself rather than the other marine life he shares it with! Obviously an octopus with attitude.

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kcm said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the link Jilly.

Octopus are very intelligent and supremely good escapologists. I've seen reports of a large octopus (I think in a reserch lab somewhere) escaping through a coin-sized hole in the lid of its tank, crossing several yards of floor to the tank opposite, gaining entry and snacking on the contents before returning home; all under the cover of darkness.

Clearly octopus get as bored as parrots too!