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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Why do we feel so guilty all the time?

I've just read this article by Mark Palmer online at the Telegraph:

A refreshing and thoughtful look at how so many things in life these days are conspiring to make us feel guilty about something.

The comments from a vicar struck me particularly as a balanced view:

I put all this to my vicar. His response struck me as sound advice with which to start 2009: "You can get so taken up with all the dos and don'ts of modern living that you forget the fundamental commandments that provide a moral anchor. Don't start thinking that Sally is a better mum than you or that Johnny is a better provider than you are. Or that everyone is having better sex, better holidays or a better social life.

"I would say this, of course, but try going to church. It offers a pause – a chance to reconnect with the big picture. And remember what is at the heart of Christian society: forgiveness. A little more of that in your life will come in handy."

Enough said.


Anne Brooke said...

Very true - and refreshing to see it suggested in the media. I enjoyed the article in the Telegraph last w/e very much - thanks for putting it here again, Jilly.



Jilly said...

You're welcome - I felt it was refreshing as well.

Happy New year

Martin Edwards said...

All the best for 09, Jilly. I've belatedly added yours to my blogroll.

Jilly said...

Thanks Martin - I'm honoured!