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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is this a non-job?

We get at least one flyer through the door every day for various services and one of the 3 which appeared yesterday was for wheelie bin cleaning at £2.50 a time. There is already someone who comes round once a month - I think - and offers the same service at £2. My question is why would you pay someone to clean your wheelie bin?

We have 2 wheelie bins - one green for ordinary rubbish and one blue for recycling. The recycling is tins, cardboard, paper, and glass - so nothing dirty in that if you do as you're supposed to do and wash tins and jars before you put them in the bin. The green bin conceivably does get dirty because it has ordinary rubbish in it which may include food waste. I mainly put anything dirty, wet or smelly in a plastic bag do that I don't need to wash my bin very often.

Neither of my bins has been washed for about 6 years - and they aren't that bad apart from being dusty outside. If I want them washed I'd wash them myself in about 5 minutes - in fact it would probably take me longer to get the hose out and connect it up than it would to wash the bin! Yet some people round here have their bins washed for them once a month.

In my opinion this is a waste of water and a waste of money. Full marks for the person who first thought of it and realised people would pay for it. Did anyone ever wash out the metal dustbins we used to have? Some people I'm sure but most took the view there wasn't much point of washing it if you were going to then put something dirty in it. A sensible attitude in my opinion.


NAM said...

Well, I suppose it is a job, in that some misguided people evidently wish to pay out good money for it, but I'd say it was definitely close to a scam! And in fact if you're that good at persuading money out of people's wallets, you're probably wasted washing out bins...

Jilly said...

Yes that's what I thought!!