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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Funny how little things please . . .

Amazon have just changed how they calculate their reviewer rankings and I'm now in the top 100 under the new system. They have also started using software which deletes votes from reviews where they are part of a campaign for or against that reviewer or that product. Heaven alone knows how they do that but presumably from how many votes an individual posts on someone else's reviews. Trolling - going through the first few pages of reviews - and voting negatively has been a problem for some time and it looks as though it has been eliminated under the new system - as well as kind people who go through and give positive votes! I lost over 200 votes from my reviews - two thirds of them negative. Apparently the software has been in use for a couple of years on the American site and seems to work well.

I was disproportionately pleased at my elevation to the peerage - as it were - and under the new system I shall need to work hard to maintain my place.


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