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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blood Harvest

I am currently reading Blood Harvest by S J Bolton and it is very very good. Not the sort of thing you want to read late at night in the house on your own. It features a village from hell where small children disappear and everyone takes part in strange and rather nasty customs. There is a new vicar, a very interesting female psychiatrist and a family who have misguidedly built a new house bang next to a graveyard. I am saying no more at the moment but if you like crime and more than a hint of the supernatural and religious you will love this.


Carole said...

Hi, I've only just started reading this and it is very good so far. I want to finish it before Sharon Bolton comes to our local library next month to do a talk. The advert for it says it's not for the squeamish! I don't quite know what to expect but it sounds creepy.

Jilly said...

Hi Carole - only just spotted your comment. Did you find it creepy? I certainly did.

Carole said...

Hi, yes I did think it was creepy and I really enjoyed being scared by it. I'll be looking out for her other books now. When I saw her talking at our local library recently she said her next book is about Jack the Ripper!