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Monday, 12 April 2010

More books . . .

I have just started this: Ruth Saberton - Katy Carter Wants a Hero. The author made headlines in some quarters by putting the manuscript through Richard and Judy's door at their holiday home. Fortunately they loved it and the rest, as they say, is history. It is chick lit but with masses of humour. The dinner party and the lobster which causes Katy to lose her home and her fiance is brilliant and laugh out loud funny. I'm about 100pages in and so far it is really good.

I have also started Philip Pullman's The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. It is a simple imaginative retelling of the Gospel story. Jesus and Christ are twins with Jesus being the out going one who preaches and Christ the quiet one who takes down his words. Whether it will annoy or inspire is hard to say. I'm finding it interesting though modern use of language - in my opinion - does not compare with the resonance of the King James Bible.

I've read a few pages of Kal Bonner's Climbing a Ladder Backwards which Anne Brooke did not enjoy. I think it is going to be a little tedious - not because of the Instant Messaging aspect of it but because every joke appears to be somewhat overwritten. I keep wanting to go through it with a red pen crossing out the superfluous words which make it overdone. I will persevere if only because I like the stripy socks on the cover.

Still reading Polly Toynbee's Hard Work - I shall never call myself poor again.

I am nothing if not eclectic in my reading


Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee, get that red pen out, my dear! But be prepared for authorial/authorial friends' flaming if she reads your comments!!! :)) Axxx

Jilly said...

Well I've just been banned from one site - though not for commenting on this book - so I expect I can cope with a few flames!!

Anne Brooke said...

Banned??? It's their loss, Jilly!! Good for you! :)) Axxx

Jilly said...

That's what I said!