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Saturday, 1 May 2010

More reading . . . .

I spent yesterday painting doors and door frames and the previous day sanding them down so my time has been otherwise occupied this week. I have now painted the doors in the hall and the door frames and the skirting board. Doesn't sound much when you put it like that but I wanted to do it properly rather than make a mess. One more door and frame to do downstairs and then I'll start on the upstairs doors. Decorating is not my favourite occupation but as I can't afford to pay someone to do it - needs must.

But in the evenings I have been reading. I finished Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and have almost finished listening to Mansfield Park. The listening has given me new insight into Fanny Price. I had remembered her as weak and wishy washy but in fact she isn't at all. She is quiet and shy but won't be pushed into doing what she knows is not right for her - and she has very definite ideas of right and wrong. Mrs Norris must be one of the most dislikeable women in fiction and Frances Barber - who is reading the book - really gives her an absolutely perfect voice.

I started A Summer Fling by Milly Johnson. It's about a group of five women working at the head office of a small supermarket chain. They all have secrets that they don't talk about at work - in fact they don't really talk about anything. Their new boss Christie, must try and get to know them and hopefully help them with their problems. So far so good and I've read about 100 pages. Nice light read with some serious issues.

I am also reading and have nearly finished The Selfish Society: How we all Forgot to Love one Another and Made Money Instead by Sue Gerhardt. It's about how the upbringing of small children affects the sort of society we live in. If babies don't get their needs met they turn into monsters of one sort or another. It's an interesting book and I will post my thoughts on it when I've finished it.

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