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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Nearly the weekend

It's Thursday and nearly the weekend. That makes me sound as though I live for the weekends - which I don't. I try and enjoy, or at least participate in, the rest of my life as well. This week seems to have been incredibly long.

Work is getting even more fraught for some people - I think I'm actually rising above it at last. I was extremely outspoken in a general meeting the other day to one of the higher ups - fortunately not one in my own management chain. He was basically talking rubbish and seemed to expect it would make everyone feel better but we've got way past platitudes and he should have understood that.

Saying things about rationalising office space and cutting costs and carefully avoiding saying anything about cutting jobs. Well I'm sorry but achieving the first two will naturally include the third and we know there are still more jobs to go, so trying to avoid mentioning it is stupid. In the end he did agree with me. The powers that be seem to have just looked at maps to see which places we could all reasonably be asked to get to and have failed dismally to take into account what happens on the ground in rural areas.

My own immediate managers are being supportive and not trying to frighten anyone into doing something they don't want. This is not the case with other people in the office - more's the pity. really they're asking us to make choices about our future when we have only a very small part of the information we need to make an informed decision. Something which I did point out.

I'd best not say any more I suppose but at least all the above could probably apply to any large organisation trying to re-structure. When all's said and done it's only work - there are other far more important things in life.


Anne Brooke said...

Sounds like a nightmare - sending hugs to you


Jilly said...

Thanks Anne