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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Central heating again and chocolate

Our boilerman arrived yesterday afternoon to fix the boiler - again. Which he did temporarily saying it was still taking in air and he would need to come back - when it is light to make sure it's nothing to do with the oil tank end of things. We were all three standing in the kitchen talking and half listening to the boiler to make sure it was all right. It went off - as it was up to temperature - came on again because the heating had cooled it down and then it went bang loudly three or four times. Leaving us all coughing because of the clouds of blue smoke.

So he's coming back again - in daylight - to try and find out what's going wrong with it. As he said - they shouldn't do that. Obviously he never normally sees boiler do that as he will only be called out once they've gone bang. I think I was the calmest one of the three of us - possibly because I have actually seen another oil fired boiler do something similar years ago. I called the fire brigade on that occasion because I was in the house on my own and the phone was in the same room as the boiler. So we're back to our electric back up system. Mind you we don't need the heating on at the moment because of the brilliant sunshine.


Yes folks as I've said before it really does make me bad tempered and irritable. I haven't had any for 3 or 4 days. I had a Cadbury's Twirl last night - feeling I deserved it - and today I am much more short tempered than normal. Yesterday I was fine - not even after the events related above was I irritable or bad tempered. Now I feel like snapping at anyone and everyone - grhh!! I really shall have to give it up - except for special occasions


Anne Brooke said...

Poor you - hope the choc effect wears off soon!



NAM said...

It won#t be any consolation - especially if this double posts again, which I can't get to the bottom of - but I've had to give up chocolate because of current dental work being done, and my dentist is suggesting that for the sake of my teeth (and my wallet!) I should continue to give it up, especially when it comes wrapped round caramel/ toffee. So commiserations - how fortunate that there are still so many nice things to eat!

Jilly said...

It seems to take about 24 hours to wear off as I'm fine today.

Nam - I don't usually eat chocolate with caramel fortunately though nuts can have the same effect as I've found to my cost before!

As you say there are lots of other things to eat and I mainly prefer savoury to sweet though chocolate is my weakness - apart from custard cream and bourbon biscuits.