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Friday, 13 November 2009

Still no heating

The title really says it all. What's more the oil gauge keeps giving me a heart attack because it's showing the wrong reading. We even went out this morning to make sure the oil wasn't leaking out of the tank because it was showing half full when we know it's nearly full.

The boiler is supposed to have been sorted today but no one turned up. I just hope we aren't going to be faced with trying to get someone else to do it but I don't think I'm prepared to give him much later than Monday to sort it out before I do get someone else. This has gone on long enough.


Anne Brooke said...

Nightmare!!! Hope it's sorted for you soon ... :(( Axxx

Jilly said...

Thanks Anne - they were supposed to come yesterday but no one turned up or rang. Just left messages for them today because I know they work on Saturday so we'll see what happens. Glad the weather isn't too cold at the moment.