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Friday, 27 November 2009

Leigh Russell

I am currently reading Cut Short by Leigh Russell and very good it is too. It is a psychological crime novel about a serial killer and features DI Geraldine Steel. It is a debut novel and not published by a main stream press but it deserves to be more widely known in my opinion. It is well written, the characters are believable and there are no excessive descriptions of violence - only what it necessary to the story. This is a great start to a new series and I'm already looking forward to the next episode. I recommend it to anyone who likes crime novels. If you want graphic and gruesome dismembered bodies then you won't find them in this book and it is all the better for it in my opinion.


Leigh Russell said...

Thank you, Jillysheep. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cut Short, and thank you for the review on amazon.

Jilly said...

You're welcome.