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Saturday, 21 June 2008

A Dance to the Music of Time

For those of you who love Anthony Powell's 'A Dance to the Music of Time' series there is a reading group starting here:
reading I gather, a novel a month. Maybe this will be the year I will finally read the series. I read the first two over 25 years ago but never got around to reading the rest.

I mentioned the novels to Keith - see Zen Mischief blog and - who fell under their spell and was one of the founder members of the Anthony Powell Society and is still their Secretary. He holds me responsible for totally changing his life.

Maybe more later this weekend.


kcm said...

Thanks for the puff, Jilly! Yes, you changed my life and by more than just intorducing me to Powell, but maybe the rest shouldn't be discussed here. ;-)

The Anthony Powell Society also hosts an active email discussion list at which is open to all. And some members of that list have started their own reading group which can be found at tho' it hasn't yet really got off the ground. Both are open access and everyone is welcome.

Jilly said...

That's why I didn't mention it!!