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Sunday, 8 June 2008

No more ants and Veronica Heley

They do seem to have gone - but I shall be buying the chemical means of killing them as well tomorrow to ensure they don't come back.

I finished reading Veronica Heley's latest - 'False Picture' last night. This is the second in the Abbot Agency series in which widowed Bea Abbot takes on problems which are better solved without reference to the police. In this one her friend Velma wants Bea to track down her missing step son. The resulting mayhem includes a trip to Bruges and various people turning out to be not what they seem. Bea sticks up for herself and discovers she can rise to a challenge and think on her feet. Her assistants Maggie and Oliver develop as characters and there are an assortment of murders. Well written and just that little bit different - very enjoyable.

Next on the pile are Martin Edwards' 'The Cipher Garden' - the second of his Lake District series, and Susan Hill's 'Vows of Silence which by all accounts is something of a tear jerker.


Anne Brooke said...

Glad the ants are gone, Jilly - nasty things!


Jilly said...

Yes and I'm not giving them a chance to come back - chemical killers for me - I'm more important than the environment in this case!