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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Above and beyond the call of duty

I had a good example of excellent customer service this morning. The road on which my bus stop is situated is closed for essential maintenance. Something I wasn't aware of when I walked to the bus stop at 7.00am this morning. They hadn't put all the road closed except for access signs up at that point but they had further up the road. This meant the bus had to do a detour from its normal route and would have missed out my stop. As I am a regular on the bus, the driver and the passengers obviously realised I didn't know about the road and the bus came and got me even though it had to turn round and go back again the way it had come!! Now that is service - even though the driver did tell me off because I didn't know about the road - it had been in the paper apparently. I shall have to walk about 5 minutes further to the next stop, which is on a different road, tomorrow, and I had to walk from there tonight. I shall be ringing the bus company tomorrow to suggest they put up notices to say the bus stops aren't being used.


Anne Brooke said...

That's amazing - very heartening indeed!!


Jilly said...

Yes it was. It's very useful living in a village!