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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Today was D-Day

Today I can finally reveal that the office I work in will be closing - though not yet. We now start a whole round of meetings with our managers to discuss our personal circumstances and precisely why we can't travel to various points of the compass on a daily basis. Fortunately there is something called RDT - Reasonable Daily Travel - an hour each way. They can't make you use a car if you normally travel by bus etc. There are lots of rules and regulations surrounding the whole thing fortunately. My next nearest office is also for the chop. I can see lots of confusion and misinformation being spread by all and sundry. Basically the whole thing is not much fun and I suppose I really shouldn't be saying anything more about it in public so I'll stop there. I'm not too concerned for myself as I have various options being fairly close to retirement, but for others this is desperately serious stuff, especially as wages round here are on the low side as it's a rural economy. Ho hum.


Anne Brooke said...

So sorry to hear this, Jilly. Sending hugs to you. Hope it's sorted as smoothly as possible.


Jilly said...

Thanks Anne. Knowing the organisation I work for it's unlikely to be quick but we live in hope.

NAM said...

Have only just caught up with this - sorry to hear it. Frankly, a scenario which those of us who work in the public sector get too much experience of - I wouldn't mind, but it seldom seems to achieve much good for the user/ taxpayer, and half the time needs to be replaced later at even greater expense. I second Anne's wishes for the best solution as soon as possible, of course.