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Sunday, 27 July 2008

What's in a name?

I've just been reading this about weird names. I've come across Teresa Green and Arran Cardie but nothing else terribly notable. I knew of someone who called her children both girls Ocean and Summer which is hardly remarkable today. I also worked with a girl who was always known as Gina but was actually Georgiana and her sister was Xanthe. I also worked with a woman called Isora though she was always known as Is. Everyone thought her parents made a mistake and it should have been Isadora.


NAM said...

And at school with examples of the following, though you may not have known all of them in person: Ava, Jeeta, Robinetta, Janella, Bonita, Davinia, Cherie, Marjolein, Coral, Corrie and Nuala; Lawson, Morys, Fritz, Ivan

Jilly said...

No you're right I didn't know all of those! I did know Jeeta and I worked with a Coral later on and I know a Nuala now so I hadn't particulalry remembered them as unusual.

Bystander said...

When I was in business I employed both a Wayne Kerr and a Richad Head, although not contemporaneously.