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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Food rationing here we come

I've just read this:
and I'm furious! So if you make people eat huge quantities of fruit and vegetables to make up for the protein etc they're not getting from meat they're going to produce lots of methane themselves. Think baked beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower etc. Reducing children's consumption of dairy products and meat seriously increases their health risks. Women especially need large amounts of iron - best source red meat - and calcium - best source dairy products. If we're reduced to these levels there will be an increase in women - and men - with osteoporosis and severe anaemia, not to mention children with rickets. Are they seriously saying this would be a good idea?

If this report was sparked by the idea that the health of the nation was better in war time with rationing then they are seriously wide of the mark because they seem to have forgotten that whilst dairy products were rationed there was nothing to stop you keeping cows or hens and a lot of people did. There was also the flourishing black market. I absolutely resent these people imposing their views on the rest of us.

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