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Sunday, 26 October 2008

A new author discovered

I finished reading Jane Stevenson's Good Women last night. It is a collection of three novellas all on the theme of good women who ultimately turn 'bad' by conventional standards. 'Light my Fire' is narrated by a man, an architect, who is very conscious of his social position and who becomes involved with a woman who is really a little beneath his notice. He is driven by lust and decides to marry her in spite of her class. The story is even more satisfying because the reader can see the narrator's faults and is waiting for something to happen. 'Walking with Angels' features a downtrodden wife who discovers her spiritual side when she starts seeing angels. Her husband cannot deal with the change in her and the consequences are almost inevitable. 'Garden Guerillas' is my favourite. A widow reluctantly agrees to her son and daughter-in-law taking over her large house in Kew - near the gardens - and starts to look around for an alternative home. During the whole process whilst she is nagged by her son and daughter-in-law she decides she does not like either of them very much nor yet her late husband. She has immersed herself in her garden and it is this she will miss when she moves. Gradually she develops a more forceful attitude and plots a subtle revenge through the garden. Very satisfying.

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