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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Work rearing its ugly head

My boss rang me today to say he's coming to see me at home. To which I replied 'why?' Answer because he wanted to and because he had a letter he wanted to give me. My immediate reaction was - 'I don't want you to and you can post the letter'. Said letter is only making me 'pre-surplus' which gives me priority for early retirement if I want it as well as priority for any jobs which come up within an hour's travelling.

We knew we were going to get them so it's hardly a big deal as far as I'm concerned. He was trying to say it was really sad - crocodile tears. To do him justice he did manage to chat to me for a few minutes quite civilly but I don't think he expected the reaction he got. I suppose it must be difficult for him as he doesn't know me - which was why I turned down the visit. If it had been either of my previous two managers I'd probably have said yes.

If I'd been off with stress I would have found that difficult to deal with, even though I know they are supposed to do it. I don't even really like to be rung at home. I'd rather ring them - which I'm quite happy to do from time to time. The reason why they have to do all this 'keeping in touch' business is to keep rates of sick absence down - I suspect it doesn't have the desired effect. I know it does make you feel you ought to be at work, though of course they always say they don't want you to come back until you're better. Sigh! What's the answer? I don't know and I've been a manager!

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Anne Brooke said...

Managers are so scary these days!! Well done for putting him off though.