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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Blaming the Government/local councils for everything

I was slightly puzzled by a story in the Mailonline today with the headline 'Domestic violence and drug addictions set to soar as councils fail to combat 'second wave' of recession'. So what are councils supposed to do about it? The headline, needless to state is misleading. The article is based on a National Audit Office report. This actually says they're not doing much about fly tipping, stray dogs and abandoned cars all of which increase during a recession. Yes I can understand that.

The article also says councils should cut jobs. In which case how are they going to do more? I can also understand councils need to be prepared for greater demand for, say, school places if people can no longer afford school fees. But as for domestic violence and drug addiction - I'm not sure how councils are supposed to stop these happening. Publicise social services? I'm going to hit my husband/wife/significant other - can you send a social worker to talk to me? Joking apart, most people want to avoid social services so they're probably less likely to have any contact with them and how much help can they give anyway if people have to live on benefits in sub standard houses?

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