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Monday, 10 August 2009

More family history

I've just received the birth certificate for a lady born in 1884 and called Rose Hannah Slator - she would have been my great aunt and was half sister to my great grandmother Sarah Jane. I wanted to find out who my great great grandfather married following the death of his first wife. His second wife was called Martha Butler (or Baker) depending on which source you consult. So I have sent for the marriage certificate. I do have vague recollections of my father mentioning an Aunt Rose but whether this was the lady I'm not really sure.

I have been trawling through census records for the outer reaches of my family and have found - among other occupations -: general dealer; boy employed to scare birds in a field; colliery clerk; railway clerk; farm bailiff; jobbing gardener; farmer of 14 acres; maid of all work; domestic servant; grocer's boy; cow man; waggoner and of course the ubiquitous agricultural labourer. If I was looking for someone from the nobility then I'd have been sadly disappointed! Having said that though some of my ancestors were sufficiently well to do to have servants - possibly because they tended to have large families.


NAM said...

That is indeed a fine collection of occupations! I always cheer when I find the more unusual ones among all my ag labs and fishermen (useful members of the community though these two categories were) but I can't compete with that lot.

Good luck with 'Aunt Rose' - I did manage to clear up one mystery of my own - the 'Aunt Louie' of my childhood, always explained as my father's cousin, turned out to be one of his mother's cousins. But Rosa Louisa, to give her her full name, was only a few months older than my father - he was an older child of an older child, and she was the youngest child of the youngest.

Jilly said...

Yes there are some strange age relationships among my great aunts and their nieces and nephews. Then of course there is my uncle who was born and died way before I was born.

NAM said...

Yes, I have a baby great aunt, Susan Valentine, born and died in1895 - it is odd.