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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Family occupations

Strange as it may seem I have only started looking at the occupations of my ancestors over the last few weeks. Since the last list I have come across someone - a great great uncle several times removed who was in 1901 the landlord of a pub called the Five Bells at Gosberton - which is a village about 4 miles from where I live now.

Currently the pub is empty and is being refurbished. I'm not sure whether it's going to re-open as a pub or restaurant so it will be interesting to see what its next incarnation is. I've been travelling past it on my way to and from work on the bus for the last 4 years without knowing.


NAM said...

That's one of the wonders of family history, I think - I've been investigating Keith's family for a change, and found that not only did some of them live quite near the museum, which w did know, but some were living in the vicinity of a pub called The Blade Bone, these days a Chinese restaurant in which I've eaten several times. Nothing as nice as being able to tie down the exact premises like you have though.

Jilly said...

If you can identify the exact premises it really does bring it to life somehow.