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Monday, 31 August 2009

Two books finished

Anne Brooke's The Bones of Summer is a dark and violent read involving Christian fundamentalism, a gay relationship and murder. Craig and Paul - from Maloney's Law - renew their acquaintance. Paul's private investigator skills are needed to unravel and finally lay to rest Craig's violent past. I thought the book was well written and a gripping read. It raises serious issues about the nature of memory and the effect of fundamentalist religion on the human psyche.

I thought the ending was perfect and understated after the violent finale and resolution of Craig's childhood and his teenage relationship with Michael. I loved the character of Pedro - even though we only see him in a few scenes. Paul comes over as a more mature than he did in Maloney's Law which I found interesting as he seems to have grown and developed as a result of the traumatic happenings in that book. Are we going to see more of Craig and Paul? I'd love to know what happened to them after this.

I also finished Richard Hamblyn's Terra which is a fascinating read for anyone interested in planet earth. The 4 events he focuses on are brought vividly to life by the extensive quotations from eye witness accounts and the scientific explanations are easy to understand. He shows how as human beings we fail to learn from our mistakes. Many people survived these events because of good luck or good judgement. I enjoyed it.

I have reviewed both books on Amazon under the pseudonym Damaskcat.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Jilly - really appreciate that. Not sure there's any more to Paul & Craig though - I think we probably need a break, them and me both!!



Jilly said...

No problem. I just felt it might be a sort of open ended ending as it were.