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Sunday, 24 May 2009

A cold

I have a cold! I thought yesterday it was the dust from the paper I was shredding making me sneeze but it is definitely a cold! I've had this happen before where I've not had time off work for ages it seems as though the moment I relax my immune system packs its bags and goes on holiday too.

So I intend to do nothing today apart from cooking a meal. The dust can wait. I have plenty of time to deal with it.


NAM said...

Oh, bad luck - colds in warm weather are partcularly horrible!

But this one is unsurprising, perhaps. You worked for a department which can be both stressful and competitive, and even if your office set-up wasn't particularly that way, there must have been stress in that last month of work - and yes, in my experience, that's precisely when the germs will mug you, either during or immediately after.

Pints of liquid (at one go, or two), Vit C capsules, and sleep are the ony things I find make a difference. Away with germs!

Jilly said...

I take Vitamin C anyway and I must say the last cold I ahd wasn't as bad as they usually are. This one just seems to be of the sneezy variety. I shall have an early night and see what that will do for it.

You're right the last month was stressful and since last June I've been working with all men which can produce a very competitive atmosphere - which isn't particularly to my taste.

Off to curl up with a good book or two and lots of cold water!

Anne Brooke said...

Bummer - hope you're better soon ...



Jilly said...

Thanks for the good wishes Anne I am feeling a little better today.