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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Well I've finally done it!

This was my last day at work - well, half day to be precise as I came home at lunch time. We had the usual slightly sick making presentation in front of the whole office - 10 of us who were in today. As I remarked it always seems like hearing the eulogy at your own funeral!

I got to chose a present from my employer up to a certain cost and chose a Parker fountain pen and roller ball and a leather bound notebook which were duly presented to me. My colleagues got me some book tokens which I shall enjoy spending at some point.

I had to hand all my office stuff back including my ID card of course and my manager has to make sure I've not walked off with the photocopier or office pens etc and that I don't owe any time on my flexi time account. In fact my employer hasn't yet paid me for the 10 days leave I gave up so they owe me at the moment!

I do feel relaxed now I have to say even though there is still a fair amount of sorting out to do as regards finances and making sure they pay my pension when they're supposed to and that the tax is right etc etc. What fun!

This is the start of a whole new life.


Anne Brooke said...

Huge well done and a big warm welcome to your new life!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!!



Jilly said...

Thanks Anne. I'm having a rest and doing as little as possible for a few weeks while I get my breath back as it were!

NAM said...

Oh, Lord, yes - I can't bear the official farewells, either. If I survive to retire I'm strongly tempted to suggest that I run away in advance and leave them to enjoy the celebration!

Anyway, well done you, and here starts another new chapter! Didn't it go fast in the end, though?

Jilly said...

It did go fast in the end though I felt as though April really dragged.

I suggest running away first - you could always say you're going on a particular date and go earlier. Someone in Norwich did that - we had to get her back to sign paperwork!

NAM said...

Oh, nice one! Dedfinitely worth making a note of (grin).

kcm said...

Yay! Well done you, and good luck with the new adventure! Needless to say I'm horribly envious. Me too, please!? :-)
Lots of love. Kxxxx

Jilly said...

Thank you everyone for all the good wishes and yes it does feel a bit of an adventure!