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Monday, 18 May 2009

Three working days to go . . .

People have started to remind me how long it is now! I actually filled in the exit questionnaire today because I got bored. It's all multiple choice so I didn't get to say what I really think unfortunately. Reading the instructions about leaving I get the chance to tell my manager on the last day why I've chosen to go - could be interesting.

Someone else left today and has walked straight into another job. She has a daughter with cerebral palsy and has been volunteering with a charity connected with this. A paid job came up, she applied and got it so she's a happy bunny. Her gamble of volunteering to go paid off. I think once I go there'll be thirteen people in the office . . .


NAM said...

Gosh, I suppose it is. Hope the last three days are plain sailing -how appropriate, given our schooldays. Do you have cake and drinks?

Weren't you (a) tired (b) exasperated (c) even more bored by the time you'd done the questionnaire? I hate multiple choice questions - they mostly strike me as framed by idiots for idiots (so no wonder we don't like them).

I think once you go, it'll be one extreme or the other. Either most will follow, especially as the first volunteer has fallen on her feet, or that will be it and every one else will dig their heels in. Hard.

Best of good luck, anyway.


Jilly said...

Well today has been fine so let's hope so. It used to be the case that we had a buffet and drinks and all and sundry invited. Now it's just a brief presentation - of the office collection and my gift from my employer - cringe making!
Yes I was fed up with the questions as I didn't agree with any of the answers to some of them.
I think people will dig in now - even the two over 60s who could go at any time they choose.
Thanks for the good wishes