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Saturday, 23 May 2009

New dishwasher and shredding and books

The new dishwasher finally arrived yesterday and we managed between us to install it today. Aren't kitchen floors disgusting under appliances which aren't usually moved? The dishwasher itself was cheaper because it had some dents in the sides - but once it's between two cupboards you can't see them. Of course no one would pay full price for it but as we only paid about half the price it was selling for anywhere else we're quite happy.

I spent a couple of hours this morning feeding all the paper which has accumulated over about six months through the shredder. In future I shall do it little and often as I hate doing it when it's built up like that.

I am currently reading Judith Cutler's The Food Detective a crime story which is a little out of the ordinary. Josie Welford - widow of a much wanted criminal mastermind has bought a pub in a small West Country village. She wants to turn it into a top class restaurant. In the meantime she finds herself sent to Coventry by the locals because she changes her meat supplier. Josie is trying to work out what's happened to the local vet and precisely what Nick Thomas - a former policeman who put her late husband away - is up to. Nick has retired from the force and is now a food standards inspector. Josie is a shade reminiscent of Simon Brett's Mrs Pargeter and I enjoyed that series.

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