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Saturday, 4 July 2009

A little bit cooler today

I am ever the optimist! We did have a short sharp shower of rain yesterday but considering it was supposed to be thundery showers all day I feel a little short changed. I walked to the doctors yesterday to pick up prescriptions and the sky could only be described as lowering but it didn't rain. I felt as though I wouldn't care if it did rain on me while I was out!

Today does feel a little fresher but there's virtually no wind and brilliant sunshine so I suspect it'll be hot again. I did manage to strip beds this morning without dissolving on the floor in a little pool.

I don't really understand all the 'good advice' the Government keeps issuing about this 'heatwave'. Most is so obvious - keep out of the sun, drink plenty, use sunscreen, wear loose clothing. How old do they think we are? I really hate the Nanny State. Do this, don't do that, eat this, don't eat that, fat people need to get thin, thin people need to put on weight. Why not give us rations and dress us like the Chinese under Chairman Mao? For the powers that be reading this I AM being sarcastic and if you try it I'll be the first to rebel!!


NAM said...

Know what you mean - Transport for London is a particular pain in the proverbial this way. Any journey on the tube is plagued with constant injunctions to stand back from the edge of the platform, consult station staff if you neeed help in planning your journey, etc. The hot weather advice is yes, you've got it, take a bottle of water with you, get off the tube if you feel unwell, dedah...I mutter "Oh, do shut up" rather frequently, and wonder why we're allowed to travel on the tube at all if it's that difficult/ dangerous!

Jilly said...

The perception of risk seems totally skewed to me these days. In fact I'm starting to wonder how I can possibly have managed to get to 57!!