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Monday, 6 July 2009

Washing machine is fixed!

The man from planet Zanussi turned up this morning at 9.30am and the machine was repaired and working in 30 mins - well I'm saying that when it hasn't finished its first drying cycle! I'm confident he's done it if only because he knew exactly what it was and had the part with him though it looks from the paperwork he left that he had every conceivable part with him just in case. All this for the sum of £72.00 0f which £56 was the call out charge. So why couldn't the insurance company have organised this instead of someone who had to check everything and then still wasn't sure - and what's more I still haven't heard from them about when it would have been repaired.

I have phoned them this morning and asked for my money back and they offered me about 25% so I've written and pointed out that their service is less than perfect and that the extra warranty is incorrect as EU law states manufacturers have to provide 2 year warranties not the one shown on the agreement. So according to EU law the extra warranty should only have come into effect 18 months ago and not the 2.5 years ago that they say.

In future I shall not be taking out extra warranties as I'm beginning to think they're not worth the paper they're written on. We're still waiting for someone to tell us when they'll replace the door catch on the dishwasher under manufacturer's warranty - good thing we did it ourselves! This business of sending out people who are not trained on particular makes of machine is not satisfactory. I think they're trying to do it cheaper and probably hoping 80% of cases will be repaired immediately and won't need spare parts. They offered me some money back suspiciously quickly.

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