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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

One domestic appliance that is all right and family history

We had our central heating boiler serviced today and I'm glad to say it was given a clean bill of health. The man who does it has just recovered from swine flu. He said that for him it was much like ordinary flu with a few more hallucinations. He says there are quite a few cases in Lincolnshire judging by the queue when his wife went to the hospital to pick up his Tamiflu. He's the first person I've come across who's had it.

I received the birth certificate for my uncle - who I never knew - today. He was born in March 1918. The GRO seem to think I gave them the wrong reference for the death so I am going to have to look at that again. It seemed very odd after being curious about this person all my life to actually see proof of his birth and it definitely is the right person.

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