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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pale as the dead

I finished reading Pale as the Dead by Fiona Mountain last night and while it wasn't quite a five star book it was certainly a good four and a half stars. Natasha Blake is a genealogist and Bethany Marshall asks her to research her family history. Before Natasha can find out exactly what Bethany wants her to do, Bethany disappears. She leaves behind a handwritten 19th century diary which Adam - Bethany's boyfriend - passes to Natasha. He asks for her help in finding out where Bethany has gone. Natasha has to find out how the past is influencing the present.

Being interested in tracing ancestors I found the book fascinating as it shows what sort of things Natsha had to do to try and find out about the author of the diary and how she was connected with Bethany. There is a connection with the Pre Raphaelites especially Lizzie Siddal and the scenes in Highgate Cemetery were very atmospheric. I thought the ending was a little too neat and tidy and seemed a little too contrived but apart from that minor complaint the book was a good read.

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