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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Machines just annoy me

Our Boilerman came and fixed the boiler yesterday afternoon. It was fine when he left - had gone off and on a couple of times just how it should - no problems. Today it's gone wrong again and won't fire. Grhhh!! Having been perfectly reliable for 7 years it is now playing up and costing money. It's a pretty simple basic boiler with very little that can actually go wrong with it but it seems as though everything is going wrong at the moment.

Am I the only one who gets really rattled by such things happening? I find it just very uncomfortable and unsettling. I don't even like people coming for routine servicing and it feels as though they are invading my personal space. Next Tuesday the alarm is having its routine service and I shall go out because I need to go into Boston anyway to start doing Christmas shopping so that will be a good excuse. Let's hope by then we've got the boiler sorted as well though I know Boilerman is very busy at the moment.


Anne Brooke said...

It's always horrible having strange people in the house!! And so weird how things always go wrong after a service - grrrr indeed!!!



Jilly said...

Yes it was the same with car - fine until it was serviced. Makes you wonder whether it would be better not to get things serviced really!

Anyway the man will be coming to fix it tomorrow and in the meantime we aren't cold because of the back up system.