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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Nice/nasty smells

KCM listed his 10 nice and 10 nasty smells on Zen Mischief the other day so here are mine - after much thought.

  • Tea - I have to try and avoid inhaling the aroma if I'm making it because it makes me feel instantly sick
  • Rotting fish
  • Rubbish in general
  • The perfume Charlie
  • Warm milk - cold milk doesn't have the same smell at all
  • Unwashed people - fresh sweat is fine but old is not
  • Sewage
  • Silage
  • Rotting cabbages/cauliflowers - something we get a lot round here
  • Chlorine in swimming pools


  • Bread baking
  • Coffee
  • Carnations
  • Clean laundry - whatever washing powder is used
  • Newly mown grass
  • Honeysuckle flowers
  • The perfume Opium
  • Onions frying - has to be while they are frying not the lingering smell afterwards
  • The sea
  • Vegetation after rain

I actually struggled to find 10 that I really hate though I could have found a lot more that I love.


kcm said...

Isn't it odd how we dislike such different things outside the usual "garbage" set. I love tea; and actually I don't at all dislike chlorine in swimming pool concentrations -- but then I am a chemist by training so maybe I'm just used to it. Milk is just generally disgusting stuff; fit only to be diluted 1:100 in tea or coffee. But I agree with most of your likes, the frying onions especially.

Jilly said...

I don't mind milk on cereal - but then I wouldn't have warm milk on it and it's warm milk I can't stand.