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Friday, 2 October 2009

Time differences and depressing newspapers

I seems when I posted on what I thought was Tuesday it was actually Wednesday . . . I had forgotten that this is an American not a British site!! Oh well I aim to post one in every twenty four hours and generally I manage it. But I suppose if I write a post about 8.00am in the morning and don't then post again for more than 48 hours it'll upset the dates . . . But actually I haven't done too badly with that particular new year resolution and I think I've only missed two or three days in 9 months.

I was horrified by the case of the nursery workers abusing children. In fact horrified doesn't really come close. In my opinion this is one of the most despicable crimes. But I don't agree with the huge amount of vigilante comments which I've seen on the internet. These people will be punished by the law and the punishment should be left to the law. To threaten vengeance makes us uncivilised. For all those arrested and tried there must be thousands who are viewing such images and who also should be punished. I feel so sorry for the children and I hope they were too young to have conscious memories of the abuse. Of course what it may do to their subconscious minds is unimaginable.


Anne Brooke said...

You're right. It's really horrible. I can't even begin to imagine what the families must be going through ...

Jilly said...

It seems to be happening all over the country as well. I can't see how any system of vetting people is ever going to be foolproof. It's really all down to individuals reporting anythign suspicious.