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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . . .

. . . to all my readers. Please translate these wishes into any other version you can think of - e.g. solstice blessings etc.

I have made some delicious pork and apple puff pastry sausage rolls this morning and they've turned out very well. Messy to make because the apple makes the meat very sticky - lots of flour needed . The cooking apple just takes away the greasiness. Lovely!

Cottage pie this afternoon for tea tonight and then steak in red wine for tomorrow with jacket potatoes and veg. Might seem boring but we decided not to go out because after it rained last night it froze so we've got a couple of inches of ice over everything. So that's why we don't have the festive joint of meat for Christmas day. We shall venture out before New Year and do a sort of Christmas dinner for New Year instead. We do have Christmas Pudding and mince pies and chocolates and plenty to drink so we shall enjoy it.

I hope everyone will enjoy their Christmas however they intend to celebrate it.


Anne Brooke said...

Have a lovely Christmas, Jilly - stay warm! :)) Axxx

kcm said...

Happy Christmas to you two as well! Don't blame you for not going out. And anyway what's wrong with a good steak for Christmas - beef is actually very tradional. We're having leg of pork and red cabbage (which I cooked yesterday and which is now maturing ncely); don't know what else to accompany it yet. Have a good day! Love, K&N xx

Jilly said...

Thank you both!