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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tiger Woods

Am I the only one totally bored with this story? Yes he's been to bed with lots of women. That is surely nothing to do with anyone apart from him, his wife and the women concerned. It has no impact on the way he plays golf. Yes if advertisers recruited him because they thought he had a squeaky clean image they will drop him but apart from that does it really matter? He's a golfer for goodness sake not a clergyman. I am not condoning his behaviour but I don't see the public need to know - or care - about it.


kcm said...

Absolutely. This was boring right from the off - and yes, it is nothing to do with anyone. This is typical of the pathetic depths we're plumbing in search of non-news, surely a conspiracy to keep us from knowing what really matters! (Nero allegedly fiddling while Rome burns, comes to mind. As do bread and circuses.) I don't care how many women, sheep, chickens or anything else, he's bedded - find me someone who hasn't had a bit on the side somewhere along the way. This is life FFS; homo sapiens is not a monogamous species.

Jilly said...

Exactly and it just sums up - to my mind - this whole over anxious concern with appearances rather than the substance of everything.