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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Are we the only area with very little snow?

We do seem to be the one bit of the country with only a very light covering. I know some schools in Lincolnshire are closed but I think it's mainly the ones in the north of the county on the Wolds. Here - below sea level - we have a light covering which is gradually melting because of bright sunshine and clear blue skies. When I look at the weather map it looks as though there's a narrow band across the country which is escaping the worst of it - and we're in it. Not that I'm complaining.

I hope everyone reading this is well and safe and hasn't had any nasty experiences out and about.


kcm said...

Well it's been snowing here, on and off, since about 6pm yesterday (Tuesday) and I doubt we've had 3 inches, with sheltered spots of the garden still being clear. So not really that much to worry about and not the real alpine scene I had expected this morning. The only problem is that our road isn't gritted - why would the council bother with a side road anyway? - but the main roads are OK. Mind you it is snowing pretty hard as I type this.

Jilly said...

It seems there are parts of the country which have got it really bad - we had some more overnight - Wednesday - and it's just snowed for about half an hour but not really put much down.