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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Is this the end of the snow? and freedom

Forecasts seem to be contradictory. We have sort of sleety rain which is gradually washing the snow away. But we got to this point about 10 days ago and then it all came back again. It isn't as cold today - and by that I mean it is above freezing for a change. I'd like to see some greenery again rather than a white landscape then I will feel as though spring is on its way. We seem to have had snow on the ground for most of the last month - which is the longest it's been around for several years.

While I don't like this weather I still wouldn't want to go and live abroad. I love this country with all its contradictions and inconsistencies. We still have freedoms many other countries don't have - even America. In the main we are not oppressed - in spite of what the media would have us believe. We can come and go as we please - even though there is CCTV in many places.

Maybe there are too many rules and regulations but we do not get the authorities suddenly telling you they're going to knock your house down because it shouldn't have been built in the first place - as you get in Spain. Our tax rates are not as high as much of Europe in spite of what you read. I could go on - but to me there are so many good things about this country that I wouldn't want to leave it - even for better weather.

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