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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Georgette Heyer again

I'm gradually working through Georgette Heyer's novels again and have just finished Sylvester - or the Wicked Uncle. I wasn't so impressed by this one when I first read it about 40 years ago but I was probably too young to really appreciate it. This time I found it a really entertaining read with some memorable characters. Sylvester himself - who is complex and eventually willing to look hard at his own faults. Phoebe - the heroine - who lands herself in so many scrapes. Tom - her childhood friend - who is always trying to rescue her from the scrapes often to his own detriment. Then there's 6 year old Edmund - Sylvester's nephew and son of the lovely Lady Ianthe who couldn't keep a secret if she tried. Sir Nugent Fotherby - Lady Ianthe's intended second husband and one of the most notably silly dandies in fiction.

I stayed up much later than usual in order to read the last 100 pages last night - even though I knew the ending and it was well worth it. Great story with interesting characters.

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