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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow again and heating

It snowed again here last night - though only about 2 cms. I don't think it's as cold out today as it was yesterday, because I've just been to the post office and the sun seemed quite warm. It's gone dull again now and there is more snow predicted.

We still have heating as well and I've just paid the bill. Boilerman came round this morning to make sure it was still working and to give me the bill - not as much as I'd feared so I paid it without haggling. It was clear he hadn't charged us for all of his visits - so I'm happy. The reason why it didn't get sorted sooner is because he was waiting for the bit that goes inside the oil tank itself which the tank manufacturer didn't want to sell him on the basis that it never goes wrong!! At least we saved having a new tank - which would have cost about £800 without the cost of installing it and transferring the oil!! He's not very good at leaving messages but I can live with that especially as we weren't without heating completely.

I'm just glad they didn't do what was originally suggested - replace the whole of the pipework from the tank to the house - because that wouldn't have solved the problem. No one would normally have thought to replace the bit in the tank - which is a filter and a pipe which goes nearly down to the bottom of the tank to take up the oil. Boilerman says if he gets a similar problem with any of the other boilers on this estate he'll do this from the start rather than trying everything else first - so he's learnt something as well.

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