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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Men, women and jobs

On a similar theme to yesterday - MJR was watching a TV programme about plane crashes. There was one crash in which the pilot had taken a risk and flown through an area of severe turbulence when he could have avoided it - trying to be the big macho man who could do anything - MJRs comment not mine! MJR then asked me if I thought if there were more female pilots there would be fewer crashes because women would be less bothered about their image and more concerned with avoiding risks to the plane and their passengers.

It made me stop and think and I wonder whether anyone has done any research on the subject. Do female airline pilots have fewer crashes? I haven't tried Googling.

Supermarket checkout operators - following on from KCM's comment on yesterday's post. It can be an interesting job - if you make it so as several books about the subject have shown - The Checkout Girl by Tazeen Ahmad; Checkout: a Life on the Tills by Anna Sam; Shelf Life: How I Found the Meaning of Life Stacking Supermarket Shelves by Simon Parke. I've read the first and the last of these and they were both interesting and entertaining reading. Both books showed how the job could be inteesting however mudane it might seem.

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