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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

An annoying day

We were asked to give personal contact details - home and mobile - to other members of staff who we hardly know - i.e. not my colleagues in my own office. I'm not happy about it and have argued we don't need to as has one of my colleagues.

The information is going to be printed out and laminated and all the members of the team will be given a copy - which will apparently not be locked up and will be available for anyone to look at.

This is not necessary in my opinion - our manager as well as HR etc have access to this information.

I'm in charge of our office in the event of something going wrong - fire, flood etc - and I have a contact list for all staff who work in our building. This has to be kept under lock and key at all times - and it is. So where's the difference?

I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to the question.


NAM said...

No difference at all, of course, as your question implies. We used have that information relating to all members of staff in the office, and it was kept securely by the duty officer week and week about. The sky doesn't seem to have fallen because the list is no longer complete, and like you we have an appointed person who would come in in the event of disaster. I would have thought that this is covered by the data protection act - nobody should be able to keep this information without your permission.

Anne Brooke said...

Don't let them have it, Jilly - it's wrong!!!



kcm said...

And it may also be contrary to the Data Protection regulations. Worth getting a legal opinion from your union? Oh and while you're at it, just suggest to management that they think of you as their conscience. Should be good to wind them up for a few weeks. :-)
Love ... K xx

kcm said...

Sorry just read NAM's comment! Almost 30 years is too long; our braisn have clearly been cloned together. :-)

Jilly said...

Well I'm glad you all agree with me! I had wondered whether I'd gone in off the deep end. I'm sure it's contrary to data protection.

Nice to see you're in accord - Noreen and Keith!! I always find that sort of thing spooky - but unsurprising

Jilly said...

We are supposed to be discussing this further later in the week when our manager is in our office. He seems a little surprised and annoyed at my reaction - obviously he doesn't know me as well as he would like to think he does.